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The advantages of using Instagram:

In terms of Instagram postsInstagram brand Nike eg post photos of people and celebrities

sportsInstagram do with the caption "just do it". In this aspect of the caseInstagram

of the image are the people in pictureInstagram the products they are wearingInstagram action happeningInstagram

and the legend of the brand slogan while the hidden aspect is the viewer's mind and

beliefs that images créerontenstagramme as part of a community or wishing to adopt

similar lifestyle. (Hellberg 2015) To illustrate the discussion above INSTAGRAM below are screenshots

Nike pulled the official account in September 2015.

Both the swift traditional media to digital media as globalization creates new

the challenges and requirements for traders. Due to the reduction in world business

can easily reach people around the Instagram world even small and medium enterprises

can internationalize faster and at lower cost. Instagram is based on networking and

offer content to users who share similar interests. This creates a connection

among people they do not know. Also the taste and comment supports

surfing profile. Many people think Instagram brings people from around the

world closer to each other and this also applies between businesses and consumers. If the

history and content attracts consumers they want to engage with the brand and they

might start to order products worldwide. HoweverInstagram the social media marketing

channels require companies to act more quickly and in real time. (Vaartimo 2015.)

3.3 attractive Instagram Profile

Similar to most social networks INSTAGRAM a company on Instagram user can create a profile with

basic information about the company (Neher, 2013). The Instagram profile should express

the brand values ​​for a company to get the most value. The profile must have all

necessary information and also additional information that make it interesting profile.

(Zimmerman 2013Instagram 176: Wood 2015Instagram 189).

Add the right images to Instagram account is extremely important, but if the

profile information of account is not properly configured, it can greatly reduce the number

visitors as well as the number of followers. There are some restrictions. They

restrictions include limited character to be used for the cuffs and the size of a


main page of the profile. Understanding restrictionsdanstagramme know what the limits are in place

and understand what can be doneInstagram are some things to keep in mind when developing

your page. (Asad. 2014Instagram 2-6.)

The company profile should support the mission and vision of the company's market value. The

customers should easily recognize already on the profile page. Profile picture

for the account must either be a professional photo or company logo to

represent the brand. (Asad. 2014Instagram 2-6.)

The username should be easy to recognize, and must include the name of the brand. Name

should be identical or as similar as possible to other social media platforms.

(Asad 2014Instagram 1-2.)

The Notification section allows followers to find the site from anywhere and enable them to receive

information on when something new is postedInstagram or new images are downloaded to

Instagram Account page of the company (Asad. 2014Instagram 2-6).

The site URL that leads to the company's website must be clearly visible. If a visitor

does not know where to find the company outside InstagramInstagram the link between marketing

on Instagram and growth of the business by attracting new visitors to the web page

to break. (Asad. 2014Instagram 2-6.)

At the conclusion of the company's Instagram profile should include relevant information a customer

may need to contact the company. This includes a corporate phone

numberInstagram email addressInstagram rental and URL of the web page. In addition, a company can

add a site link or user names to other social media platforms like Facebook and

TwitterInstagram in the description. More ways is to give customers achieve companyInstagram

it is more likely that they will contact themInstagram to visit the online store or visit

physical store. (Asad. 2014Instagram 1-6.) For the description the user has 150 characters to create

an interesting text. It should be snappyInstagram develop and explain what your business

does and represents. (Zimmerman 2013Instagram 184.)

In addition, the company must ensure that the profile is set to Private. Instagram

creates a privateInstagram howeverInstagram profile for businesses, it is not effective

go. To get as many followers as possible and commitment dansstagram privacy settings must

be off. (C WoodInstagram. 2015Instagram 98.)


The company must comply with the Community guidelines within a defined framework when signing

for an account. Adding images of new product lines in unstagram

strengthen the presence on Instagram. It also will allow customers to connect with

now a visually rather than just reading about what the company does

from other sources. (Asad 2014Instagram1-2.)

In terms of brand Instagram postsInstagram eg H & M is very active on Instagram and

position a wide variety of different content like; videosInstagram pictures Instagram campaigns etc. Illustrate

the above discussion on Instagram below are screenshots taken from the official account of H & M in October


Figure 5 Screenshots of H & M Instagram account (@hm)

Although Instagram is mainly focused on the visual language used on descriptions

is an important tool to explain the photos and return them to their connections.

Many brands choose To use English on Instagram. Also the language is on hastags

English heavily centered. The reasons to use English instead of their mother tongue are

both to maximize visibility and attract multilingual users. (Malin 2014.)

3.4 Anatomy posts

The first step to creating a post on Instagram is to capture an interesting image. It is important

have quality images with a large focus Instagram and relevant content for your company

and your brand. The best pictures are those that have an emotional connection

with the viewer. (Zimmerman 2013Instagram198-206.)


After taking the picture to post the user can increase the quality of the image 20

4 nets and manipulation capabilities. These features also allow the rotation of the imagestagramme adding

borderInstagram adding water dew effects and change the exposure on the image. There are also some

Some third-party applications that can also be used to modify elements of your images.

Some examples will be presented in Chapter 3.7. (Zimmerman 2013Instagram 211.)

The next step is to add a description. The description is an important part of the job. There is

certain elements that can help get the most reach. Premierlyinstagram @mentionne "tags" in the user

mail and allows them to be informed of the statement. others Marking is a great

way of sharing content posted. (Zimmerman 2013 p. 211.) SecondlyInstagram are a #hastags

used to organize images with the same hashtag in their descriptions. Using the right

hashtag on images may mean getting the most reach. The Hashtags will be discussed

deeply in Chapter 3.4.4. A good description Guide More traffic to your account. A

an effective way to attract attention and enhance commitment among followers is to ask

questions and start the conversation. Start a conversation can also help to create a

sense of community, for fans. All of these bring value to Instagram

account and increase traffic. (Zimmerman 2013Instagram 223-224.)

A company can easily connect with their followers by sharing photos that interest them

customer. A picture of a new product will be much more descriptive than the entire paragraph.

People can see the colourInstagram fabricInstagram texture and detail - all in seconds.

When you decide to add images, it is important to always tell a story. By adding two

fun and personal photos related to brand a company can make the brand stand

and get people to connect with them on a human level. There is a lot to do.

The messages can be about; product lines the dansstagram employesinstagram events or other interesting phenomena.

With the right mix of content on the businessInstagram the product or service and the type of

Customers who engage in corporate history is complete. "The more you can connect

with people and you can connect to those who see these photos you add

the more time passes, the easier it is to build your brand "(Asad 2014Instagram 7-11.) According to

Neher (2013Instagram 115) posting 3-5 times a week on Instagram is more than enough. consequent

there should be a variety in content and, in addition, the company must be proactive

in love and comment on the contents of other users.

Regarding Instagram brand postsInstagram eg Tiffany & Co.Instagram Starbucks and Coca Cola

uses narration in several of their tickets. Companies want to create content that anyone

may refer to and the purpose is to create a connection between the product and the viewer

personal life. To illustrate the above discussion, Instagram below are screenshots taken from

Tiffany & Co.'sInstagram Starbucks' and the official account of Coca Cola in October 2015.


Figure 6 Screenshots Starbucks and Coca-Cola'sInstagram Tiffany & Co.'s Instagram

accounts (@tiffanyandcoInstagram @starbucksInstagram @cocacola)

Instagram 3.4.1 contestsInstagram couponsInstagram and giveaways

By giving discounts or even give something for free is a great way for the company

to promote engagement on Instagram. It works in every industry and in various

situation. We present below three very different monetization strategies for Instagram.

(Miles 2014Instagram 129.)

Contests work well on Instagram and a contest is a great device to generate a

flow of interest and enthusiasm. There are many types of competition for the Company

fromminstagram choose and the company should consider the best to support their brand. As

Instagram is mainly based on visual content as the contest focused on the images

found most effective. (Miles 2014Instagram 134-135.)

Another great way to improve the commitment is to post coupons on Instagram. coupons

usually include a special offer or discount as "20% off today only". In addition, a

great form special offer to provide free shipping for a limited time. (Miles 2014Instagram 130 Instagram


Another way to attract attention are giveaways. This tool is not used as often as the

two others but offering corporate gifts can easily boost prospective and

as existing customers. There are different variations of this theme and business needs

to find the best that fits their business. (Miles 2014Instagram 131.)

Twenty one

3.4.2 the person to follow

When it comes OF InstagramInstagram, it is not enough to get followers but it is important to follow

others too. If someone follows you and you do not follow backInstagram they can unsubscribe. More

more when the company is active commenting and loving other content followers

are more motivation. The interaction with the disciples gives a reason to engage with the

business and visit their website. (Wood 2015Instagram Instagram 129 205.)

The "explore" on Instagram showing current images on Instagram trend. Looking in

page for the business can easily find some interesting profiles to follow. Business

should choose to follow the profiles are relevant to their business and leaders in their

industry. The company to find other businesses by typing the name of the company in the

search bar. (Zimmerman 2013Instagram 266.)

When users begin to interact with the company and like and comment also photosInstagram

the company should follow. It is easy to identify who interacts with the

positions on the "News" tab. The company needs to know whether users love the photos could be

valuable to their network. The company may not always follow other users if their content

not ends up being relevant for them. (Zimmerman 2013Instagram 276.)

3.4.3 how to get followers and engagement

On InstagramInstagram everyone has to start with no suiveursinstagram, but we can work through it

quickly adding value for existing customers. In the starting stagramme time should be strategically

engaged with the right prospectsInstagram not just random people. There are also some

negative catalysts that could slow growth. (Miles 2014Instagram 70.)

For followers on Instagram the easiest way to start is by taking advantage of networks

other platforms. The company can do this for example by simply sharing the Instagram

appears on their other social media sites and invites people to follow on Instagram. FurthermoreInstagram

the company can inform its customers through other channels such as newsletters

or print ads that are present on Instagram. (Zimmerman 2013Instagram 288.)

The main feature of the followers is that they are looking for information

often want social attention that comes from sharing. All the followers are not necessarily

have a passionate relationship with the brand, but are looking for information surstagram

ideas or other content of interest. (Rohrs 2014Instagram 52.)

Twenty two

Commitment is the key measure to provide information on the development of the audience.

The public is engaged and active reagent (Rohrs 2014Instagram 77). The active public is as dansstagram

comment and share posted content (Miles 2014Instagram 8). Interacting with fans

and amplify their content can increase the level of commitment. In contrastInstagram by

submerging irrelevant or unsolicited messages, they may as well be provoked.

(Rohrs 2014Instagram 77. There are several ways to get more followers and more commitment.

This can be done by:

interesting content sharing. With better content that encourages followers to love the comment Instagram

and share content, followers will be more cohesive. This increases turnInstagram

the likelihood that the followers will also see future messages. (Rohrs 2014Instagram

77. The same photos should never be posted. The content must be different

every time. Images must be contextually relevant to the content they link.

of. (Neher 2013Instagram 40.)

Promoting other people. A business can comment and like the contents of other users. Outraged

the company can apply for permission to post an image of their own products or events

made by other users and then give credit by labeling the post. In this

back to promote their profile. (Wood 2015Instagram 231.)

By asking questions. For the public commenting and participating in the item description

or should include open questions. The company can ask such

questions about their products dansstagram on improvement suggestions or example

products they would like or love the most. (WoodInstagram C. 2015Instagram 239Instagram

Neher 2013Instagram 40Instagram RohrsInstagram 78.)

Mixing both branding and pleasure. It is better to just post pictures of high quality books

of the product. The company should also publish photos just to funInstagram or videos of their

employees having fun at work, for example. By being a little playful and display

Learn more about what happens behind the scene makes the brand more relatable and easier

to confront. (Wood 2015Instagram 239Instagram Neher 2013Instagram 40.)

I speak directly to the disciples. Listening to the comments and actively responding

the comments left by viewers makes the assumption that the company really cares

about their customers. Customers can also ask questions on problems

can have with a product and get a response faster than sending an email. (WoodInstagram C.

2015Instagram 248Instagram 259.)

Twenty three

Using a good photograph. As Instagram is managed with a mobile device, it is difficult to

to obtain high-quality photos. However, the image quality can easily be improved

for example, using filtersInstagram draw pictures of different plugs or pull in

better lighting. Besides stagram there are third-party applications available that allow the user

to transfer pictures other devicesInstagram as ordinateurinstagram to Instagram. (Wood 2015Instagram


Using third-party applications. There are countless applications that will help the user to improve

Instagram experience as mentioned in the preceding paragraph. In addition to

third-party applications to improve the appearance of images and videos there are some applications that

allow - you to post more convenantlyinstagram schedule your posts and some will check on the current

trends and provide analysis on your Instagram account. (Wood 2015Instagram 268.)

At The Help Of Video. The videos are increasingly popular in the social media marketing and

So also on Instagram (Heinerth 2014). However, even if the videos are Instagram

also become very popular in the means of publicitéinstagram environment is still quite different

other streaming videos (Delo, 2013). Similar to other appInstagram VineInstagram sharing the video

the length of the video is limited. Instagram allows you to share videos that last only 15 seconds

long. (Wood 2015Instagram 41Instagram Zimmerman 2013Instagram 82Instagram 55.)

Learn from others. There are many successful marketing companies on Instagram. By

look at their profile and try to learn from them can bring new ideas. By studying

they postentinstagram how often they do it and what type of business they hastags

you can save time by doing all the work yourself. The best sources of learning are:

businesses that are similar to the company's brand. (Wood 2015Instagram 295.)

Experiment. While learning from others is a good way to get new idéesinstagram howeverInstagram

not everything works for everyone. Sometimes it's worth trying something new. The

only way to really know what works well for a brand is experimenting with different content

and find the most effective ways to communicate with the disciples. (Wood 2015Instagram


3.4.4 Best time for engagement

As Instagram is primarily managed by mobile phones, it is easy for the user to go and

check their Instagram feed mainly at any time of the day. Normally using analysis

the company can easily find the right time to display content on their social media platforms.

However, viewing habits and post on Instagram Instagram interaction are very different.

compared to other social media sites. Instagram is more difficult to determine a

Twenty four

date or time at which users are the most active. When a company wants to find

Best time to post content on their Instagram account they need to think about factors such as

asInstagram age and lifestyle of the target tracking and demographics, and time zone

difference. Adults who work 9 to 5, tend to be most active in the morning and

during the lunch break. On the other hand, young adults generally consult their phone later in the day.

evening. According to some analyzes, the most popular day to post pictures is on

Thursday and the highest level of interaction occurs on Wednesday and Sunday. Video

on the other hand should be displayed after work / school hours. (Moreau 2015) Apart

if the company has followers around the world, the process is much more complex and

display at specific times of the day can not give the same results. The best way to find out

the best time to post content is simply experiencing the habits of the target audience.

(Wood 2015Instagram 214.)

3.4.5 How to use hashtags

The Hashtags are an essential element of Instagram marketing. As TwitterInstagram Google+

Pinterestinstagram also uses the categorization Instagram hashtag system (Miles 2014Instagram 12.) In

Instagram allows the user to post hashtags and make their contents searchable

(WoodInstagram 2015). The images can then be searched on the wire using hashtags. By

a popular pick with the hashtag imageInstagram it will probably be over it

fresh hashtags for only a few seconds enstagram, but many people could still see it. However by

hashtagInstagram choose a less popular it will stay on the first page of the thread for a longer period

of timeInstagram but fewer people can see it. (Miles 2014Instagram 27.)

Miles (2014Instagram 27) indicates five powerful ways for marketers to leverage the hashtag


1. Create hashtags and use them creatively in the company's relationship

2. Using popular search hashtags, trends in this niche business.

3. Use hashtags to participate in conversations within the industry or


4. Identify new prospects using hastags.

5. Share images with a much wider group of people than just followers.

In addition, agricultural enterprises' can use hashtags to indicate a campaign. A company should use

hastags that are relevant to their brand. (Asad 2014Instagram 12-14Instagram WoodInstagram 2015Instagram 181.) They can

especially as a new hashtag fact and may be used when referring to

the company itself. This can be for example the name of the company or for their

campaign. Miles (2014Instagram 29) has advice for marketers to create and use hastags:

Twenty five

1. hashtag should be brief - a word or short phrase

2. hashtag should be memorable and easy to understand

3. hashtag should not be open to multiple interprétationsdans stagram, or risk

be used for evil purpose

4. hashtag must not already be widely used

5. hashtag should not include the brand or product name of another company.

6. After creating the hashtag become a communication tool for anyone to use

and this can not be controlled by the creator.

When custom hashtags are used consistently, it will support the growth of the brand

sensitization. For exampleInstagram a company name must be included in all company positions

make. The followers can also reuse the hashtag to connect their posts to the brand. (Asad

2014Instagram 12-14Instagram Wood 2015Instagram 115Instagram 181.)

A great way to attract attention with hashtags is to launch a contest that has a special hashtag

made for it. With competition, the company can encourage subscribers to share their photos

Instagram using hastags own society. Another effective way to promote

the hashtag of business is to promote among customers employésdes and stagram partners. (NeherInstagram


In terms of eg Instagram Postsinstagram Brand Mango uses the # hashtags effectively

their campaigns. For spring 2015, they have a campaign called # SOMETHINGINCOMON

and they use the hashtag on each position and also use their other marketing

channel. To illustrate the above discussion, Instagram below are screenshots taken from

Official Report of Mango in October 2015.

Twenty six

Figure 7 Screenshots from Mango's # FALL15 SOMETHINGINCOMMON campaign

Instagram (@mango)

Instagram has its own trends and hastagsInstagram often used as such; businesses

should use the trend hashtags in messages if they are relevant to the content. So

popular hastags changeInstagram there are few who have been enormous for many annéesstagram as # tbtInstagram #instamoodInstagram

PhotoofthedayInstagram # # # tagforlikesInstagram #nofilter follow. Another popular hastags are

those that are related to your location in unstagram as the town or countryInstagram building. (WoodInstagram 2015Instagram 167.)

According #TopHashtags 2015Instagram, the three most popular hashtags are currently #fashionInstagram

#amis and #sourire.

When the company uses hashtags fashionable, they are likely to get more attention. More visitors

are more likely to look at images that have a catchy title and hastags. Outraged

visitors are more likely to share it with other fans. All this will

coming as free advertising for the company and it is a great way for the company to hire

with their followers. More now receives attention, more people will see

brand and learn more about the company and products. (Asad 2014Instagram 12-


In comparisonInstagram Miles (2014Instagram 30) has an idea that instead of simply

hashtagsInstagram the company can search hashtags that are commonly used in their industry

and use - rather than the hashtags most commonly used in general. Miles said he

is better to attract potential customers who are interested in this industry by accident


Twenty seven

In terms of Instagram brand postsInstagram such bases is perfectly posting relevant images

their products and also effectively using hastags related business. Even if he

is a fairly small company and based only on the Internet, he was able to draw attention

and get a loyal customer in a quick and cost effective manner. Mainly they

for this, the marketing and communication on social media are effective. To illustrate the discussion

Below you'll find screenshots from the official account of Perfectly Basics in October.


Figure 8 Screenshots of Perfectly Basics' Instagram account (@perfectlybasics)

There are also two things to avoid when using hastags. For example, if you use hastags

that are too broad or general your content will not be found among the

research content. Another thing to note is that some are hastags bannedInstagram meaning

they do not appear in the search. And these are not always the most obvious

is. Some to mention are iphoneInstagram # # # photographyInstagram and losewweight. It is also possible to

use too much hastags. Too much is hastags profile look sloppyInstagram and ends

be embarrassing. Most people suggest using between 2 and 10 in a postInstagram but hastags

no more. (Wood 2015Instagram 104Instagram 174Instagram Miles 2014Instagram 35.)

3.5 Mistakes to Avoid

According Rouhiainen (2015) Instagram the biggest mistake for marketers is probably Instagram

not having a clear strategy. It is very important to understand the label

Instagram and use the features correctly to attract followers and

share good content (Zimmerman 2013Instagram 240).

Twenty eight

Zimmerman (2013) provides useful tips for successful marketing on Instagram. FirstlyInstagram it

should not be too much of the same content. By flooding the followers with the same feed

content can annoy and overwhelm. SecondlyInstagram to attract the attention on Instagram

the content must be interesting and creative. If a company sharing the same content as

everyone, they will not be noticed. (Zimmerman 2013Instagram 230. Instead of using clichés

The company should post something that will make them stand (Wood 2015Instagram 123).

Do not use too many hashtags and congestion of the user streams with excess

hashtags (Zimmerman, 2013). ThirdlyInstagram content should be shared regularly once basisInstagram

at least one week. YetInstagram too content sharing is not good either. If society

post pictures of everything he's just wanting to followers unfollow the account.

(Wood 2015Instagram 123Instagram 135.)

Stealing other images and do not remember to give credit is not good for business

picture. When sharing content from another user of credit can be given by the creator

@de mentioned in the job description. Using other users' images

the display can be a great way to meet other users on InstagramInstagram however permission

for use must first be applied to the person holding the copyright on this image.

(Zimmerman 2013Instagram 249.)

Unlike traditional marketing dansstagram on social networks, customers do not want

branded companies too. Consumers on Instagram want to see what happens

behind the scenes rather than receive messages on the brand and products.

The custom content also makes it much more Reliable brand. (Wood 2015Instagram 142.)

3.6 Social Analysis

Instagram followers can like or comment on your photosInstagram or both. If customers like

post they will tell commenting or linking the photo. IfInstagram on other handInstagram the

fans do not like the picture or seem upset or insulted by certain images

they are not committed or they will tell commenting. This will guide the company

on the type of content they should share. Make sure visitors

make the most shared content company needs to listen to comments

they get. It is important to read the likes and dislikes for imagesInstagram and

comments. This information will not only help a company determine

type of content that visitors enjoy dansstagram but also allow them to change in the future. (Asad

2014Instagram 7-11.)

The commitment is going on Instagram also began discussions on the make and

product. Following the comments and interaction between the followers is great

Twenty nine

how to know what they think of the brand and the content posted on Instagram.

In analyzing the results of the company will have the advantage of posting interesting content

and so stand out from their competitors. (Asad 2014Instagram 7-11.)

Instagram does not have its own analysis tool. YetInstagram there are many third-party applications

provide analysis for Instagram. Using analytical tools that society can

optimize their work on Instagram. The analytical tool will help the company cope in

Instagram sharing so that they can accomplish more in less time. (Miles 2014Instagram 201.) The

analysis tools can provide the answer to the following questions (Miles 2014Instagram 201):

1. How to increase the number of followers quickly

2. At what time should the content be displayed?

3. What day of the week, the content will be displayed

4. What type of content should be displayed

5. How many people come Instagram On the company website

6. What are the most effective hashtags

3.7 useful third-party tools for Instagram

There are many tools available for Instagram users to manage their messages. these tools

can significantly improve the Instagram content and help work as

strategy. They can be used for example to edit imagesInstagram manage accountInstagram

Instagram built into the website and other social media accounts. (Miles 2014Instagram 199.)

Just to give some examples dansstagram below, there are few popular tools presented and their

main idea explained.

Iconosquare-Iconosquare provides the user with the key parameters of his Instagram account.

The tool gives the user information on the total number of received dansstagram I love you more

Photos loved everInstagram the average number of I like and comment photoInstagram growth

graphics and more advantaged analyzes. (Iconosquare 2015.)

Simply Measure Simply Measured marketing offers analysis tools for social media

platformsInstagram as Instagram. It provides comprehensive reports on webinstagram excel and power point (just

Measured in 2015).

Latergramme-Latergramme allows a user to manage and schedule your posts. This

allows them to ensure that stations receive the greatest possible commitment. The

the tool also allows users to add team members to collaborate on Instagram. (Latergram.)


Splitpic 2.0-Splitpic is used to create creative images. It provides the user the ability to

the device split into several sections, allowing them to take some interesting shots

(Google 2015).

Instasize-Instasize allows the user to edit and post photos and videos of the whole. He proposes

as professional film inspired filtersInstagram localized creative stickers and perfect bordersstagram

rework and unique collage frames (Apple Inc. 2015).

#TopHahtags - shows the most popular hashtags on Instagram (#TopHashtags


InstaFollow - allows the user to see after the minstagram follows that does not follow

and following them, but they do not follow (Miles 2014Instagram 197).

3.8 Intellectual property rights on Instagram

Intellectual property rights also apply on Instagram. Instagram helps its users

protect their intellectual property rights. Conditions of Use On Instagram does not allow the display

content that infringes someone else's intellectual property rights. This includes both copyright

and brands. (Instagram 2015.)

Copyright protects original works of authorshipInstagram as booksInstagram musicInstagram film art. Généralementinstagram

Copyright protects original expressions such as words or images. In addition to the brand

protects the symbol workInstagram sloganInstagram and design that distinguishes the products or services offered.

Instagram allows users to tell if the opinion that He is a breach of one of

both on the site. (Instagram 2015.)

Instagram does not claim ownership of the content posted via the service. InsteadInstagram

the user places a nonexclusive license àstagram fully-paid and royalty-àstagram àstagram transferable sublicense àstagram

worldwide license to use the content on Instagram. (Instagram 2015.) This

means that photos posted on Instagram is still owned by the user who posted.

When the user posts a photo on Instagram, he does not give up the property for most uses

outside InstagramInstagram any third party must obtain the permission of the owner of the photo.

(Harris 2015)

3.9 summary

After online marketing and social media marketing came along the approach changed

radically. Consumers are using more and more time on social media sites. That means

Thirty one

companies must adapt this new mode of communication as soon as possible

to face competition.

TodayInstagram social media is definitely the key channel to reach customers. The Internet has

open many new opportunities but also challenges for businesses to market to their target

public. It is therefore important to understand how to use social media and how

the company may benefit as part of its marketing strategy. The process includes

planning and testing.

There are many types of social networking sites for businesses to choose

best suited to their business strategy. Instagram is certainly one of the more interesting

Social media sites right now. Instagram was the first site that was "born mobile"

and it became an instant success.

Instagram is a valuable tool for marketers who want to get their brand known. It's a secret

based on the fact that it is mainly based on visual elements. Consumers can treat

the brand's messages are much faster through images than through textual approaches. It '

Instagram not only make very effective, but also quick and easy to manage.

Already more than half of the biggest brands are on Instagram. The Instagram

account must be created to support the brand and it should be easily recognized. The

Profile must have all the necessary information, and also additional information

makes interesting profile.

The real magic happens on Instagram with the images and videos he shared with

disciples and others. Commitment refers to the interaction that is displayed on the content

shared on Instagram. This can be understood as comments in untagramme or people who follow

profile. All these interactions are important for the overall marketing and Instagram

they are measures of how the company does its work. To bring the level of

the company commitment should understand the various factors that influence

change. The main factors to strengthen the commitment are:

interesting users stagram being proactiveInstagram and using industry-related hashtags. Instagram can

also be easily integrated with other social media sites a company uses.

Social analysis helps the company to understand the results of his work. Instagram

does not have its own analysis, but there are many third-party applications are available for that.

Third-party tools are helping the company to improve the functioning of his Instagram account

and depending on their strategy.

Thirty two

4 empirical part

4.1 Research Objective

This study was conducted for the owner of MI.No shoesInstagram Johanna KelttoInstagram to Improve

understanding the business behavior of online customers and also understand

The importance On Instagram as part of its marketing strategy of social media.

For MI.No shoesInstagram social media offer an efficient and cost effective way to market its products.

customers and raise awareness of the brand. Instagram is one of the most popular channels

and as such is an excellent channel for MI-no shoes to get to know and interact with customers.

It offers the company the opportunity to share creative content and staff

attracting more and more followers.

The theoretical results are the basis of the empirical analysis of the target company.

The emphasis is on the need for the company to create the strategy for his Instagram

account as well as tips on how to manage it and how to effectively use the mark

communicationinstagramme and common pitfalls to avoid.

4.2 Methodology

The theoretical part is based on the concepts and theories and academic

other publications. Data were collected to meet four goals and two

research questions of the thesis.

The methodology used in the research is a case study. This served as a suitable

method to consider the subject of research and questions. The methodology includes three

tasks; designing a case study on untagramme collecting study data on untagramme analyzing data and having

and communication of results (yin 2012Instagram 3). The case study research was used for

start-up fashion retail storeInstagram MI.Pas shoes. Fashion companies have particularly found Instagram

marketing as a highly effective marketing tool and it makes a good MI.No shoes

If candidate for this type of research.

The theoretical background laid the foundation for the realization of the case study. The

theories and concepts reviewed will be used to analyze the Instagram account case

the study of society. The case study is basic research and theoretical research will

support the conclusions. Certain information and data were collected through

sources such as websites blogsInstagram companies and popular literature.

Thirty three

4.3 Search process

The thesis of this research process involved the following steps:

Figure 9 flowchart of the search process

The search process has begun to find an interesting subject to study. After the discovery of

the subject and a case of society the aim of the thesis was stressed. Research questions

were defined according to the desired result. The case study was selected as the most

methodological approach suits the subject. Data collection and literature

was conducted to provide information to the theoretical part. Data analysis was

on the basis of this research for the case of the company. LastlyInstagram results were interpreted

by discussion and conclusions.

4.4 validity and reliability

The quality of research is usually assessed by the reliability and validity of the

sources used for data collection. The design of the case study is to maximize quality

through four critical conditions related to the identification of quality: internal construction validityInstagram

validitéinstagram external validity and reliability. Investigators can address them

the quality control in the implementation of case studies with different case study tactics. (Yin 2009Instagram 3.) AlsoInstagram

it is important to keep in mind the quality of data sources in data collection

and data analysis. To ensure the reliability of research data in this study, collecting enstagramme

and review of relevant documentation to the background of the thesis topic

was realized.

Secondary data sources such as articles of booksInstagram and reputable blogs have been used to

the empirical results for the full results related research

goals. To increase the validity under the relevant concepts of the theoretical section were

examined during the collection and data analysis. A challenge to the data analysis was the

the fact that the company in question had recently cleared his Instagram account of a contentInstagram

which means that there was not much content to see than expected. This

the obstacle was finally overcome when the company released more content.

4.5 Current situation Myocardial myocarde.Pas shoes Instagram account

The following chapters analyze the current situation of the im.Compte Instagram NO shoes

and make other suggestions for improvement in the light of the theoretical context.

As discussed in Sections 2.1 and 2.3 Instagram todayInstagram it is very important for any business to be

present on social media. While traditional marketing still plays a role in

worldInstagram marketing digital marketing and social media marketing offers marketers a

cheapest option and saving time. Social media sites like Instagram were

found very effective, especially for small businesses as MI.Pas shoes.

The best is to use the right combination of different media. The company should establish a

a marketing strategy that also includes social media channels it currently uses or what

ways of use. The company should choose the social media sites it wants

used according to the company and the brand. Being present on only some of the

media sites and do it well is much more effective than using them all, but not really having

the right knowledge and the right time to manage. Also the integration between sites

be done to create a link between sites and content. shoes MI.PAS is currently

Facebookinstagram present on Instagram and Pinterest that suits his business as well

works in the fashion industry. The company must create a solid plan and schedule

manage all the different sites while keeping them connected.

Instagram provides MI.Pas shoes not only the ability to communicate to its consumers

but also as a result of other brands and designer in the same industry. As discussed in

Chapters Instagram 3.2 is a valuable tool for marketers who want to get their brand

known. In additionInstagram interaction with customers online helps the company create

followingInstagram loyal and allows promotion of constant word-of-mouth to help customer growth

based. ForInstagram MI.Pas shoes it is essential to develop the customer base as quickly as possible

to compete with other startup companies sharing the same market. with Instagram

the company can communicate with images and innovative and inspiring videos

rather. It is much faster to get the brand message using visual elements

Instagram by textual approaches.

Thirty five

Figure 10 screenshots of Instagram account MI-NO shoes in October 2015


In reflection in Chapter 3.3 shoes MI.Pas Instagram account profile is informative and

clear. The company logo as a profile pictureInstagram which makes it easy for customers

to recognize the brand. The description includes the company's brand and

a simple phrase for what he does. The description also includes an offer "free shipping

around the world "- to attract attention. There are also links to shoe site for MI.Pas

viewers can visit their online store and find their products for sale in a single click.

The Instagram account companys not seem to have much compared Followers

how long it is present on Instagram. As the number of users is as follows

it could be increased. Following interesting users and being more active also in his name

it is more likely to attract new followers to the account. To concludeInstagram MI.Aucune shoe has

created an attractive Instagram account, but there is room for improvement. this analysis

provide the company with the knowledge they need to understand how to improve

become a marketing specialist on Instagram.

4.5.1 content

Section 3.4 presents topics related to content On Instagram. he

is important for marketers to create an interesting and powerful content on Instagram for

increase the level of commitment. Content can be on produitsinstagram employesinstagram events

etc. In addition, the contest and gifts are a great way to create content.

receiving much attention.

Thirty six

MI.Aucune shoe has shared few pictures after the "makeover". The company cleared

previous messages and started fresh with new content. The company shares now

content of their products in stagram employees in the people and events of stagram. There was also a

Post offering a discount for their online store.

The photos are of good quality but also customized. In particular the dansstagram Photos product support

the quality and type of high-end product image as the brand is all about. In

contrastInstagram employee photos and events creates the most friendly-sort-of

feel and also make the brand more relatable to viewers. These photos types

let the viewer that there is a person behind the brand and often the

others more willing to comment and engage with the brand.

The descriptions in the images are relevant and inspiring. AlsoInstagram generalInstagram in the hastags

are used effectively and there is not too many of them. According suggestions

Chapter 3.4.4, the number of hastags suggested is between 2 and 10. The hastags

will be discussed more in Chapter 4.3.4.

Under Section 3.4, posting 3-5 times a week on Instagram is more than enough.

Being active on Instagram does not mean that the company must spend

hours everyday to plan their post. As indicated in Chapter 2.2.1, the content of

media sites can be easily planned in advance. The company can for example plan

Content for Instagram account in a day for the whole week or the whole month.

In this way, it does not have to spend too much time for this, but it seems they are actively

imply. HereInstagram third-party tools like Latergramme become as practical as the content can

be planned in advance.

An example of content monthly schedule for Instagram made according to the

Theoretical research on the planning and scheduling of the content:

content schedule for Instagram

The content schedule must consist of a balanced mix of owned and organized promotional Instagram

content. Taking into account seasonal events provides ideas for campaigns and other

content. Regarding the contents of schedule, the company should find the best time to

commitment. Section 3.4.1 presents some suggestions for the best time to publish content

based on the analysis. In connection with the company's target audience The Best Time to

post content would probably be in the morning or during the lunch break. HoweverInstagram

the best way to find the best time (s) for the company to connect with their followers can be

done simply by experimenting.

4.5.2 Commitment

The next chapter will examine the integration of engagementInstagram taggingInstagram hashtagsInstagram with other

social media site and the possibility of more detailed videos and point things

the company is doing well, but it also discusses areas for improvement.

In addition, the chapter will provide suggestions on how to manage the different factors

even better. The analysis is based on the theoretical framework in chapter 3.4 and


Thirty eight

12 Screenshots from the photos of the MI-NOT shoes posted by other users

Instagram (@minoshoes)

Commitment is a critical step to provide information on the business success

is on Instagram. There are several ways to improve the level of commitment in a setting as

share interesting content in ungramme promote others in ungramme ask questions in ungramme

branding and funInstagram speak directly to enstagram followers using quality images using third enstagram

applications and to analyze the results and find content that is most successful for

bring engagement. MI.Aucun account shoes again won 200 suiveursinstagram No

naturally, the commitment is still very little. However, in what the company untagramme untagramme in my opinion in untagramme

has been very successful in that it has obtained many labels on other user images. Others

users as bloggers and customers share product images and tagging

their pictures. They also most often mention the username @minoshoes their

description that will guide the viewer to access the own account of the company. The

marking will be discussed in more detail in Chapter 4.3.3.

People seem to like quite active content (compared to the number of followers)

but they do not leave a lot of comments. Perhaps the company is not active itself or

the viewer does not feel comfortable enough to leave a comment. The society

encourage viewers to leave comments, commenting themselves and be social

active. It is very important that consumers see on Instagram He is a person

behind the brand. This makes them much more comfortable to engage with the brand.

The commitment is not only important from the perspective of the business, but also for

consumer. Many use Instagram to learn more about the company's products and expérience39

previous customers on the mark to their product. More often commitment

indicates that the brand is trustworthy and shows that it has a loyal customer base.

4.5.3 labeling

Figure 13: Screen capture @minoshoes Instagram account: tagging

Label the other users on the pictures is not only useful for marking the brand and the people,

it shows that the company cares as other users. Being social is on Instagram

very important for a company. As shown in the theoretical framework dansstagram be a business and

be an individual on Instagram is not so different from each other. Labeling others

for images also make the information content as it points the objects and said

viewer what they are or who they are. Similarly, other users can tag @minoshoes

for their photos of their products or events.

4.5.4 the Hashtags

In Chapter 3.4.4 of the theoretical framework questions like what What a hashtag? How

use them to make the content searchable? How his own hashtags? Instagram are reviewed.

The Hashtags really are important on Instagram. When the company found

appropriate hashtags to use can actually increase the number of visitors to his Instagram profile.

Hashtags can be on the brandInstagram locationInstagram productInstagram quoteInstagram eventInstagram designer etc. as

mentioned before

Generally Instagram MI.Aucune shoe found appropriate to use hashtags in their posts as well as it is

using its own brand hashtag. Below there are two tickets selected from @minoshoes pro-





Modèle (@ninnulas)


file. The use of hashtags and relativity of their business is analyzed. Outraged

it presents suggestions and advice for future improvement.

14 screenshots of Instagram account @minoshoes: 1 hashtags

Hashtags are used in post # minoshoes minimalnordic # # # discount #specialoffer toryburch

# AW15 #stands #favoris #fallfashion. There's a hashtag for example brandInstagram

purposeInstagram designerInstagram seasonInstagram campaignInstagram product and other hashtags. hashtags

are effectively used and their number does not exceed the maximum suggested

number of 10. Therefore, there is a great possibility for two more people visit profile

and that the right type of visitors will find.

Figure 15 screenshots of Instagram account @minoshoes: hashtags 2

Forty one

The Hashtags used in the photo are #parisfashionweek and #minoshoes. In this image the

the company uses only the minimum number of hashtags. While Instagram is a situation

the image, it does not mean that it could not attract people to visit the profile. with creative

using the same hashtags in this type of content hashtags can lead to more visitors

profile. More ostagram during a visit image visitors often visit other content

the same user.

Sometimes it can be hard to find especially good hashtagsInstagram. A

a good tip is to share hashtagsInstagram already as in this case in addition to #parisfashionweek

the user could use hashtags like # paris and #fashion. AlsoInstagram that this is a situation

imagine hashtags that might relate to this momentum as in this case #flowershop #flowers

#spring. However, in unstagram, the majority of hashtags should have a strong link with the


4.5.5 Integration with other channels

Figure 16 screenshot of the Instagram account @minoshoes: integration with other


As mentioned in the theoretical framework surstagram integration with other marketing channels is

Very important. On Instagram, it's easy to share content that will attract followers

visit and join other marketing channels as well. In the image above dansstagram the company is

get people to sign up for his newsletter. To attract visitors, they offer a coupon

as a gift for signing. There are also some integration between Instagram and Facebook.

The company could also try to share a certain image directly from their Instagram account.

There is not much integration between On Pinterest and other platforms.


The company could use creative tools to connect with Pinterest. When'

different social media sites are connected as communications to customers

is much more effective. It also creates consistency when the content is similar to

between all the social media sites.

4.5.6 video

The videos are fairly recent Instagram and marketers are learning how to use them

effectively. As stated on chapter 3.4.3 videos are increasingly popular

in social media marketing and also on Instagram. MI.Pas shoes has not used videos

on their Instagram. As video marketing is growing its popularity, especially in fashion

world; as MI - no shoes' should start posting such content. Instagram offers

great way to start because of the short length videos. Instagram allows users

to display videos lasting 15 seconds. To start in untagramme, the company could analyze other

the successful brands and learn what type of videos they post. Such @hmInstagram

@Zara and @topshop show popular videos on their Instagram accounts. here are some

Examples which MI.Aucune shoe could find the inspiration to produce his own Instagram


Videos of the campaign by @zara:


Section 3.8 deals with the copyright problem intellectuals on Instagram. Similarly to

copyright of the image the same rules also apply to videos. It is important to remember the

copyright restrictions before posting the video and eg add music. A lot

probably not think a long clip of 15 seconds of their video or music as an offense

but to avoid any risk, permission to use must always be sought, or


4.6 summary

It seems that the company has already done many things on Instagram. Business

has a good and informative profile page that will lead visitors to their website. The

the brand is easy to identify because it uses a logo as your profile picture and also affirms its mission

below. This way, the visitor will soon discover what the business is.

In general, the content of instagram is good, as is the use of labels and descriptions hashtagsInstagram. HoweverInstagram

the number of followers and engagement should be increased. To

to do this, some improvements are suggested. The company should build a

plan all of their social media platforms with Instagram. This helps them to find the time

to be more active, but also by not using too much time to do it. If the company does not

have enough time to display the new current content every day, they could use a planning map.

AlsoInstagram be active means not only the display of content every day, but now

should actively socialize on Instagram. Reply to comments on stagram like other photos

as well as finding the right users to follow is equally important.

The company has used different types of content, but they could be more

creative and try something new. Especially for many other companies in the fashion industry

15 seconds of video have been found very effective tools for marketing on


LastlyInstagram it is important to create a link between the other social media sites. The

company already has content that encourages viewers to visit other social media

Platform (s) Instagram however, they could do more on that front. Also taking press photos

releases or ads in magazines create a link between social media and


Forty four

5 Discussion

The discussion presents the results of the thesis. The discussion offers conclusions

the results and presents ideas for development and suggestions for future research.

Social media is certainly an important tool for marketers today. It has created a whole

new way for them to achieve their customersInstagram that brought some difficulties with it.

Instagram is a good example because the user behavior is not very different if

you are a company or an individual.

MI.NO shoes is a fashion startup that has already used social media effectively enough

in its digital marketing strategy and also by supporting its other marketing tools.

On Instagram the company is already present for some time but they are still looking

for the right approach.

Generally, the company does well and you can see, they are constantly looking for new

creative ways to market on Instagram. HoweverInstagram there is still much room for improvement

and more importantly, the company must find a clear and strong strategy

for Instagram. This would make it more coherent and effective content. But again

so they probably wanted to erase the contents of their profile a few months

there and start from scratch.

The empirical part has analyzed the current situation and the content of the company is currently

to post. It seems that the company is on track and a lot of time using

very good content. But there dansstagram lot of little things that could be done better.

The biggest problem is that the profile has not yet reached an adequate commitment and always a

small number of followers. This is actually the main objective and with these small improvements

the company might be able to win a lot more attention.

According to analysis, the main points of improvement for @minoshoes are:

* Be more active; meet the instagram be present and reward their loyal

G to follow more other brands; individual marks and other marks

Comments and appreciation of other pictures Users

Contents usually display

I use a wider variety of content

more efficient use of hashtags

Start of publishing videos

Forty five

Create more integration with other channels

With Instagram MI.Aucune shoe can communicate to customers and increase brand

effective outreach. If the company continues to learn and be active socially,

will be extremely beneficial to society. The fashion industry loves Instagram

and its visual approach. Many companies offer new ideas to market

and communicate. Social media is something where learning from others is not really so

bad, but it is actually useful and will save much time and resources.

The company must build a strategy and start testing it. Although there are many

good advice on Instagram to communicate only by testing can now know what

really works for himself. This takes time and analysis. The company could use some

dansstagram third party tool like Instagram IconosquareInstagram for the analysis to learn the best ways to get

commitment and most popular content. With the use of analytical tools, it is also easy to

learn the best time to postingInstagram popular hashtags and also who are his followers and

where are they from. It is important to know all this in order to produce the best content

the company can. Only by understanding their audience and knowing what they want can àstagram

the company uses Instagram effectively.

Acting on social media, there are also ethical and legal perspectives that should

consider. Although the limits of the use of images are quite minimalInstagram it is not

this means that the use of other images people without asking them or give them the credit they

merit makes good company. By tagging people in photos or sharing information

about who originally took the pictures is just and, in the worst case, the company

avoids possible violations of copyright. Another thing that should be considered is

when the company published photos taken during storesInstagram events or other public places, it is

polite to inform people about the pictures they posted on the social media company

site. If this seems a lot of work, one can also make a note that says to people entering

where there are pictures taken in order to post on social media

site. This is not necessarily the case in untagramme, but the fact of acting ethically and to think of others that the

friendliest company among customers.

The thesis process went well. ThusInstagram some of the assumptions made at the beginning were

changed during data collection. At first it was a little difficult to find valid

sources of data collection

Finally, when the good portals were used, the available sources are easier to find. Also

as and as the process progressed, the sources and new knowledge gave rise to new ideas to improve

the structure of the thesis. The results deepen knowledge on the subject

Forty six

marketing and social media in particular on Instagram. In addition, it raised new questions

and ideas for further study. The results will certainly useful in both cases.

In personal and professional use Instagram. The knowledge gained can also be shared to

other suitable guide Other Instagram accounts.


6 Conclusions

6.1 Key Findings

For any business instagram instagram can be found very useful when used right. In premierinstagramme, it could

seems simple and easy to use, but in fact it needs a well-planned strategy and solid work

for the benefit of society. Furthermore Instagram offers space for creativity and innovation

for marketers to create an interesting and personalized content.

As Instagram is mainly based on communication through visual elements such as pictures

and videos he created a completely new way for marketers to communicate with customers.

Instagram also the approach is much more relaxed and communication between

the customer and the company is on friendlier.

Most critical metric for measuring the success of Instagram is the level of commitment.

Commitment can be understood as comments and track each other

user. To reinforce the company's commitment should not only understand the environment

Instagram, but also learn what are the most effective ways to communicate with

their followers.

Another thing that makes Instagram stand out from other marketing channels is that the

participation goes both ways; users who follow the company expected the company to

follow them as well as backInstagram and comment on their content.

From the results, the main characteristics of a successful marketing on Instagram are as follows ::

active Soyez; commentinstagram like and share the content of another user

Consumers are followed by individuals and other brands

I use interesting and personalized content

Contents of the display at least once a day

Grande variety of content

Utiliser Instagram videos

The use of hashtags related to brand

Create integration between other social media channels

When a company has adapted successfully Instagram as part of its social media plan

and learned to use it in the most efficient manner in unstagram the company can get a

advantage to other brands. Marketing on Instagram can both increase the company

sales and rapidly raise awareness of the brand.


6.2 Suggestions for future research

Instagram The marketing and the social media marketing are still in their early stages of development

and is constantly evolving. Companies have started to pay more and more importance

on social media marketing. YetInstagram very little research has been conducted on Instagram

Marketing for commercial purposes. Regarding the future, it is clear that

have a marketing strategy of strong and successful social media will become more difficult. News

players and digital development requires companies to be more innovative than ever at a time

a human and technical level. This means that the most creative distributors that produce

the new and innovative content will receive much attention.

Also, an interesting aspect for future research is the violations of copyright on Instagram

and also on other social media sites. According to research, it is still much

of misunderstanding and confusion about this. So it would be interesting

and important to investigate further and conclusions would be extremely valuable

for companies who want to avoid the risk of abuse or violation of copyright.

Benefits Branding via Instagram


The aim of this thesis is to study and explore the potential Instagram as a

mediator between brand identity and brand imagestagramme and how to integrate these concepts

the message as desired for small and medium enterprises.


This study is limited to a specific questionnaire on SMEs is Aim'Instagram and respondents in interviews.

are the owners of the company who also founded the brand. The founders

responsible for brand communication on Instagram. A major boundaries

This thesis is the time constraint and, therefore, researchers

branding activities on Instagram one company.


The objective of this research is to study whether Instagram can provide a brand identity with a

corresponding brand and not the general use On Instagram by SMEs. As has resultInstagram

the researchers believe that a society still contribute enough research material

and to provide a thorough understanding of this issue. FurthermoreInstagram due to short

calendar this thesis includes two focus groups of four in each group.

the people followed specific Instagram account for a number of weeks to

get a perception of the company's activities on demand. The target group of the company

now include women and, although it has customers in all Member States, research

for this study is limited to Swedish women. HenceInstagram this thesis does not explore

differences in perception between the sexes and nationalities. More information surstagram no emphasis

will be on who the user is or how many people use or follow the accountInstagram

the essential characteristic of this sample that is relevant to this thesis is that the focus groups consist

potential customers.

Researchers qualify the SME companies with fewer than 250 employees .;

SMEs will be the generic name. This thesis will focus on the opportunities and problems of SMEs

Use with On Instagram as a source of communication. ThereforeInstagram researchers chose

to exclude the use of measuring how Instagram can generate in sales for change

SMEInstagram because of time constraints and the limits of a bachelor thesis.

The researchers of this thesis will focus only on InstagramInstagram where other sites and possible

connections with other platforms on social media were excluded. Instagram is a rather

new marketing channel and because of the limited scientific research on the main itInstagram

the information on the platform are of Miles (2014). However, dansstagram, source only

used to provide information and explain the interaction on Instagram. Searcher

chose OF Kapferer brand identity prism in this study, however, researchers have surstagramme

we found no distinct model for marketing on social media.